You’ve seen him. He waits in line staring at his phone, pushing numbered blocks together. His thumb streaks grease across the screen while he chops imaginary fruit during lunch. He checks his pockets before going to the bathroom. He has slowly lost the ability to just sit there and be by himself. He fills the gaps in between work and sleep staring dreamily into the eyes of Siri. But he’s not you.

You use technology to get better at being a person. You have mobile apps to help organize your personal and professional life. You have a folder labelled “procrastination”, and you only sometimes open it. Your phone’s next frontier? Your physical health. Taking advantage of today’s data-heavy environment, these apps are squarely focused on everything from your diet to your mind to your core. They’ll help get you to the gym or the trail, then make the most of whatever exercise your heart (and lungs, and muscles) desires.

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