The Runwell

Shinola Announces Its First-Ever Turntable, and It’s Beautiful

Tech By Photo by Shinola

Shinola, the Detroit-based manufacturer best known for luxury watches, leather goods and high-end bicycles, announced the Runwell turntable today. It’s the flagship product for the company’s new audio initiative, aptly named Shinola Audio, which is launching this fall. The Runwell is a joint effort between the Shinola Audio team — helmed by Audeze founder Alex Rosson — and VPI Industries, an American veteran of turntable manufacturing.

The Runwell itself, according to the company’s press release, is “a two-speed, belt-driven turntable with an integrated phono preamplifier and will be equipped with an Ortofon 2M blue phono cartridge.” There will be initial 500-piece run, and production commences this fall. The Runwell will be available in Shinola stores, online and at select domestic retailers. It’s expected to cost $2,500.

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