The First Step to a Damn Good Drink

Mix It Up: Great Store-Bought Mixers

A decent drink can be hard to find, especially when you're at home. For the do-it-yourselfers who would rather the "do" simply be mixing the strong stuff with the not-so-strong stuff, we've compiled a list of the top five mixers you can find in your friendly neighborhood high-end liquor store. Just add booze, ice and maybe a wry wink as you drop in the cocktail straw.

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Discover the 100 Best Products of 2014

Avoid the post holiday funk by browsing through our editorial team's picks for the best products in home, watches, style, tech, outdoors, sports and spirits launched in 2014.

Rides Born to Go Off-Road

The Best Classic Adventure Vehicles

Steep slopes, muddy trails, river crossings and scree slopes turn a garden variety trip into a journey. Adrenaline junkies, take note: off-road excursions are just as exciting as transcontinental road trips, if not more so. Set yourselves up with any of these great vintage off-road adventure cars and you'll see why.

The Bourbon Issue
Private barrel selection at Woodford Reserve and the drive back to Louisville

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Travelogue: Day Five

In day five of our Kentucky Bourbon Trail adventure, we soak in the last rays of Kentucky sun, watch a group pick their own single barrel of Woodford Reserve, and more.

The Bourbon Issue
A Video Tour of the Process from 12 Bourbon Distilleries

How Bourbon Is Made

We toured 12 distilleries in a five-day blitz, asking everyone we met to walk us through the bourbon-making process. Here, you'll find all of the steps that go into making America's unique take on whiskey.

The Bourbon Issue
What's the right way to enjoy America's Whiskey?

How Kentuckians Drink Their Bourbon

Is there a proper way to drink Bourbon? We asked experts in the industry to weigh in.

The Bourbon Issue
Gleaning the Importance of the Family Tree

Buffalo Trace’s Hunt for the Perfect Bourbon

"Buffalo Trace is already making the bourbons of the future”, said our guide Freddy Johnson. It sounded bold until we stopped to think about it. Whiskey has to age before it can qualify as bourbon, so technically, every distiller is making “the bourbons of the future” today. Still, after we spent an afternoon learning about the company’s quest to make the world’s perfect bourbon, his phrasing seemed prophetic.

The Bourbon Issue
Admiring the Selection at Lexington's Blue Grass Tavern

Rare Bourbons Not Named Pappy: A Budding Collector’s Guide

Call it the Pappy effect if you want, or just plain business savvy, but most distilleries saw an opportunity in limited, premium bourbons in the early 2000s. At one of Lexington's best bourbon bars, the Blue Grass Tavern, we laid eyes on some of the absolute best.

The Bourbon Issue
A Complete Guide to a (Worthy) Legend

Demystifying Pappy Van Winkle

I'd say that Pappy Van Winkle is a brand that needs no introduction, except that it does. The truth is that most people don’t know anything about “Pappy,” other than that it’s supposed to be the best of its kind. So let’s set the record straight by getting a couple of basic facts out of the way.

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The Bourbon Issue
Wilderness Trail, Four Roses, Wild Turkey and More

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Travelogue: Day Three

In day three of our Kentucky Bourbon Trail adventure, we check out small (Wilderness Trail) and big (Four Roses, Wild Turkey) distilleries on the way to Lexington -- and get to taste something particularly special.

The Bourbon Issue
A Night in Kentucky's Oldest Family-Operated B&B

Stay: The Beaumont Inn

Close your eyes. Form a picture in your head of what a historic B&B in the heart of Bluegrass country should look like. What remains though in the mind’s eye should look quite close to Harrodsburg’s Beaumont Inn owned by the Dedman family.

The Bourbon Issue
How a next-generation master distiller helped relight the stills

Willett’s Long Path Back to Bourbon

Willett Master Distiller Drew Kulsveen doesn't have time for bullshit. It's not something he has to tell anyone. The message shoots from his eyes like a railgun. Even at a relatively young age, it's clear he's heard it all before. He talks like someone who’s lost years listening to others dribble on, and worked hard to eradicate the behavior in himself; his speech is terse, verging on curt. You can't blame him for him ignoring the noise. A lot rides on his shoulders. He and his family worked for years to rebuild the family distillery, which reopened in 2012, and now he's determined to prove a point.

The Bourbon Issue
From Brunch Spot to Global Food Sensation

Louisville’s Hillbilly Tea Has a New Take on Soul Food

Hillbilly Tea sounds like an Urban Dictionary revelation -- or the latest product from the minds of White and Pinkman. For all we know, both of those statements are true. It’s also one of Louisville’s hottest brunch spots, and a burgeoning international brand. And if founders Karter Louis and Chef Arpad "Arpi” Lengyel realize their ultimate vision, that’s just the beginning.

The Bourbon Issue
Inside Louisville's Copper & Kings Distillery

Making Brandy in Bourbon Country

A stack of freshly painted neon orange and black shipping containers stand in stark contrast to the red brick warehouse aesthetic of East Washington Street in the Butchertown area of Louisville, like a shiny new Google campus in the middle of a housing project. The large steel rectangles are the first of many signs that the Copper & Kings distillery is anything but traditional.

The Bourbon Issue
Whiskey Wisdom

Bourbon Terms, Explained by the Pros

A full command of bourbon terminology is a necessity when it comes to distinguishing between distilleries and knowing what's in your glass. We asked employees in the bourbon industry to arm us with a basic vocabulary.

2014 GP100
One Size Never FIts All

Live Active, Track Smarter: How Fitbit Has Changed the Wearable Game

The mere thought of becoming more active isn’t a tough one to grasp, but for millions of people, making fitness a reality is easier said than done. Falling in love with the journey to better health doesn’t begin with a longstanding commitment to eat better, exercise more, and meditate more often. It begins with the very next step you take, and Fitbit’s innovative line of trackers will be there to capture it. In a world obsessed with convergence, Fitbit’s mantra has been making the best activity tracking tools on the planet.

Learn more about the company's history and discover which Fitbit device is best suited to you here.

Backcountry Snuggie

Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag

It's easy to understand the appeal of a sleeping bag that hugs you tight, but the first part of the Mobile Mummy's name represents the most useful and novel aspect of the product: ultralight and minimalist packers will enjoy the opportunity to use the sleeping bag as an insulating jacket, eliminating the need to pack two separate items or multiple layers and lightening the overall load.

Wireless Fidelity

Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth Receiver

Arcam’s miniBlink Bluetooth receiver lets audiophiles integrate wireless streaming without replacing a single piece of their existing setup.

Silence's Gold Standard

Bose QuietComfort 25

Ambition comes easily when there’s someone to dethrone. What happens after you make it -- now that's what separates the best from the rest. The QuietComfort 25s improve on almost every aspect of their acclaimed predecessor, ensuring Bose’s reign as the king of noise canceling technology will continue well into the future.

A Higher Plane of Audio

OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Oppo's latest planar magnetic headphone improves on its predecessor by smartly stripping away luxurious elements to create an incredible value proposition for audiophiles on the go.

Sound in Three Dimensions

Pioneer Dolby Atmos-Enabled Elite Speakers

Pioneer's new Dolby Atmos Elite speakers, designed by the legendary Andrew Jones, bring Atmos technology into the home without requiring additional ceiling-mounted speakers. That means more sound with less equipment.

A Bag for Big Peaks

Eddie Bauer Sorcerer Pack

Packing for the mountains often means packing a mountain of gear into a big, sturdy pack -- but quick summit bids favor leaner, minimalist packs. Enter Eddie Bauer’s shape-shifting Sorcerer, which manages, through a slick conversion trick, to be both at once: a 40-liter summit pack and a 55-liter freight hauler.

Whiskey For A Cause

Parker’s Heritage Collection Original Batch Wheat Whiskey

The eighth installment in the Parker's Heritage collection is a unique 13-year-old barrel-proof wheated whiskey that redefines the category. In addition, $5 from every bottle will go to support research in the fight against ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's disease).

Rookie of the Year

Willett Family Estate Small Batch 2 Year Rye

Why is a new, young rye that barely meets the legal age requirement to be called "Kentucky Straight Bourbon" worthy of praise -- especially when compared to other excellent ryes that are more than twice as old and cost half as much? For one, Willett Family Estate 2 Year Rye Small Batch is bottled at cask strength and delicious. Its existence also marks a momentous occasion in the world of American whiskey, reconnecting decades of bourbon-distilling heritage to an incredibly bright future.

Future Icon

adidas ZX Flux

Adidas has no shortage of iconic sneakers: the Superstar, the Stan Smith and the Samba, among countless others. As much as these silhouettes have done for the perception of adidas across generations, the new ZX Flux will someday join their ranks -- or even surpass them.

Greed is Good

Jack Spade Benton Suit

The Benton is a much-appreciated compromise between modern aesthetics and timeless appeal in a day where what’s trending can shift in the chirp of tweet.

A Fold-Up Lawnmower

Toro Recycler SmartStow Mower

The secret to Toro's new standing mower lies in Briggs & Stratton's new 190cc engine that prevents oil and gas leaks when vertical. The result is 70% reduction in the Toro Recycler’s SmartStow mower’s storage footprint compared to its standard operating position.

Photo Essay
A new look at a old show

At the Paris Motor Show, Design is in the Details

Auto shows are all about the big picture, but it's the details that always catch our eye. Check out our shots from 2014 Paris Auto Show and you'll see what we mean.

What to pack for the adventure of a lifetime

Essentials for a South African Winter Safari

Traveling too much of Africa is intimidating. Years of headlines, let alone the complications of getting there, are foreboding enough. But South Africa has come to establish itself as a gateway to the larger continent for travelers around the world. When packing for a South African safari, versatility is key; here's everything you'll need.