Explaining Our Shades of Red, White and Blue

Where We Find Our Pride in America

An open-ended question about national pride produces patriotism, shame for our wrongdoings, and every shade of red, white and blue in between.

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Logic Need Not Apply

God Bless the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

225 kilometers an hour? How many miles is that? 124 plus like 14 or 16 or...shit-shit-shit time to brake -- Mental math is a lot harder when you're howling down the main straight at Summit Point Motorsports Park in the most powerful sedan ever made.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: June 18, 2015

AETHER team up with SALT. for performance-driven sunglasses, a high-resolution security camera, Helle makes its first folding knife and more.

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What's Wright Can't Be Wrong

5 Tips from a Golf Guru

Dr. David Wright converts the biomechanically complex, the mentally mystifying, and the psychophysiologically stunning into pithy, digestible expressions. He’s got golf proverbs that will save your game.

80 ways to say thanks

The 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

The greatest gift you can give any dad is spending time with him. Of course, if you can gift him something extra that he's sure to enjoy, kudos to you, junior.

Two Very Talented Spin Doctors

Want This, Get This: Linn Majik LP12 or Pro-Ject Debut

Buying a turntable is daunting. The segment tends to idolize incredibly expensive hi-fi gear, and few newcomers (let alone audiophiles) can afford the top of the quality pyramid. But the truth is, you can get a great turntable for the price of an iPod.

Shaming Your Old Man's Pop-Up

7 Off-Road Trailers for Your Next Adventure

If you're worried your 4x4 doesn't have enough room for your gear and creature comforts on a weekend off-road getaway, there's no need to trade up to a custom overlanding vehicle -- all you have to do is hitch up a trailer.