Bring Back the 100-Meter Dash

Why I Fucking Hate Running

Like clearing gutters or negotiating with a car salesman, everything about running infuriates Matt Neundorf. In fact, he fucking hates it.

Master Your Domain

The Ultimate Tool Kit

This is the ultimate tool kit, tailored to the apartment renter, condo dweller, homeowner and professional contractor.

Blinded by the white

Photo Essay: Cat Boarding at Baldface Lodge

Baldface Lodge is the mecca for powder hounds with a passion for backcountry in its purest sense, boasting over 32,000 acres of unadulterated terrain and 500 inches of fresh throughout a typical season.

time to go hell for leather

Hides to Seek: 5 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Ever since Brando led the Black Rebels, the most iconic and stylish riders have continued to embrace this truth: the confidence a leather motorcycle jacket delivers in the saddle is directly proportional to the levels of swagger its wearer can exude on the town.

The High-Minded Moto Jacket

Aether X Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

The Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket by Aether X Spidi is the finest current example of that timeless American style icon, the leather motorcycle jacket.

Induction Charging for Power Tools

Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System

The Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System is an induction charger built to deliver a boost to Bosch’s entire line of 18V cordless power tools -- before it's needed and on the fly. It's brilliantly simple and it changes everything by changing nothing at all.

Stone Age Upgrade

Vipukirves Leveraxe 2

Chopping wood is the manliest activity we engage in. It provides warmth two ways, enables the cooking of meat and impresses the ladies. But the traditional axe is antiquated and dangerous. Short of slugging back three fingers of whiskey, surrendering your man-card and buying bagged wood, Leveraxe 2 is the safest way get that job done.

The Wheelbarrow on Steroids

Worx Aerocart

The Worx Aerocart is an 8-in-1 multifunctional hauler of all things. Including us.

Adventure Classic

Kawasaki KLR650 New Edition

Kawasaki’s standard edition KLR was already regarded as equal, if not superior, to the most advanced adventure touring rivals. With suspension upgrades and a new seat, the KLR650 New Edition is infinitely more engaging, communicative and fun on tarmac. Off road, it's virtually unstoppable, making it the best adventure touring motorcycle on the market today.

Putting competitors on notice

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Like a caged mechanical pit bull that's been poked and prodded, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R is taut, muscular, angry and simply biding its time. It's a motorcycle that quite simply shouldn’t exist -- at least not yet. The Super Duke R doesn’t just raise the bar for motorcycles of its ilk; it puts everything on two wheels on notice.

Surf's Always Up

MasterCraft X23

The MasterCraft X23 is a purpose-built wave maker. Designed to create the largest and longest customizable inland surf, it delivers an endless summer for lake-locked surfers dreaming of on-demand breaks.

Twelve Gifts For The Handiest of Men

The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Do-It-Yourselfer

Today’s handyman is far more than a mere fixer of household problems. Armed with knowledge and the right tools, no task is too complex for their capable hands, from fine carpentry and engine work to maintaining wi-fi-based home ecosystems. They deserve celebration and appreciation -- and yet, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, they are an incredibly humble breed, their most cherished rewards being the result of a hard day’s work. We’ve put together a dozen gift ideas guaranteed to boost enthusiasm, bolster abilities and foster talents for the do-it-yourselfer in your life.

Roughing it ain't so hard

Tested: Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat

A soft, supportive sleeping pad turns going-to-ground into camping and sleep into slumber. Sea to Summit’s Comfort Plus Insulated Sleeping Mat promises big comfort and insulation without sacrificing portability. We took one for a few nights under the stars to find out if it delivers.

An American Icon, Born To be wild

Viewfinder: The Story of the Chopper

"The Story of the Chopper" explores the surprising birth and history of the world's most recognizable motorcycle style.

Look ma, two hands!

High Five: 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves

Whether you’re piling on the interstate miles, tackling dusty switchbacks or just riding around in a parking lot, an off at any speed will have you palms out and road rashed. Thankfully, there is a world of options out there designed to deliver top protection and performance. To lend, ahem, a helping hand, here's a list of the five best motorcycle gloves, broken down for riders of various styles and disciplines.

Northern Roads Afar

1000 Miles of British Columbia on 2 Wheels

A fork in the road. Rarely in life does the metaphorical appear in such literal form. Yet there it was, and there we were. Twelve dust-covered motorcyclists on a journey through British Columbia’s beautiful northern interior, faced squarely with two paths and three options: left, right or turn around. This is where the riding stopped and the adventure began.

Essentials for your great escape

Kit: Motorcycle Adventure Touring Gear

Heading out on the road with no set destinations and a couple of days to burn is a rite of passage for motorcycle riders. For a long weekend ride through Northern Ontario, Canada, GP's Matt Neundorf turned to the Italians for the right gear: A Ducati for the ride; a two-piece suit, boots and gloves from Dainese and more.

An Angry Bird of Prey

Ducati’s Perfect Tourer, the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo

Every motorcycle enthusiast dreams of taking off for an epic adventure. It's no surprise, then, that adventure motorcycles are the fastest-growing segment on two wheels. Ducati has clearly tapped into that ethos with the design of the Multistrada GT.

You've got skin in the game

Six Proper Motorcycle Jeans: Look Good, Save Your Skin

Full race-spec leathers are the surest bet to save your bacon when the possibility of a motorcycle crash becomes a reality; but practicality, timing and social demands don't always encourage full gear. These are the best motorcycle jeans designed to both resist high-speed abrasion and look good when you reach your destination.

Teaching an old dog new tricks, on two wheels

The Moto Guzzi V7 Special Is a Quirky Beauty

The prom queen is never chosen solely for her personality, and character actors don’t win People's Sexiest Man Alive. These are truths we’ve come to simply accept, and they extend to machines, too. Saying an item has "character" or "personality" implies it has aesthetic, ergonomic, or other flaws. The Moto Guzzi V7 Special ($9,290) has character.