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Footwear with Heirloom Potential

Frye Dakota Mid Lace Boot

Known for their durable, classic boots, the Dakota Mid Lace is a classic style anyone should consider owning. Taller than a chukka and secure around the ankle, whether you by them for fashion or day hikes with friends, these boots are built for walking just about anywhere. Great with jeans or chinos, their Americana appeal…

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Life Beyond Galoshes

Tretorn Strala Rain Boots

Not up for trudging those expensive leather shoes or boots you purchased through salt infused slush and rain this winter? There is life beyond galloshes and lucky for you it’s not pricey. Inspired by a Chelsea boot style (this author’s favorite type of boot), the Tretorn Strala boots are perfect for rain or snowwear for…

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Boots Of The French Foreign Legion

Palladium Baggy Leather Boots

Palladium boots, originally designed and manufactured for the French Foreign Legion, circa 1947 (nod to Sinatra), are like many vintage military products these days. That is to say, in fashion. The Palladium Baggy boots are a not-too-pricey boot option for casual wearers, and in this case, the Baggy Leather boots can be worn in one…

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Muck About in High Style

Ralph Lauren Nansen Boot

LL. Bean’s iconic Bean Boots will always hold a place in our hearts as the go to shoe for truly nasty ground conditions. However during a quick visit to the Ralph Lauren Mansion over this weekend, we discovered the newly released Nansen Boot which seems built for the same bad weather purpose, while adding a…

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Rugged, Since 1863

Frye Rogan Hiker

Boots are one of my preferred choices of footwear when the weather starts to turn cold. Whether its trekking across icy salt-laden streets or snow-strewn hills, having a solid pair is certainly a necessity when traversing across adverse terrain. If our selection of Chukka boots doesn’t appeal to your senses or even the Gum Shoes…

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Your New Winter Footwear Standby

GP Roundup: Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots were made popular in the 1940s & 50’s and, recently, they’ve made a resurgence back into the limelight of men’s fashion, and for good reason. Thanks to their ankle-length height, the style provides great support while still allowing for full maneuverability, which is particularly useful during winter months where soggy weather can make…

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Designation: CWS (Crappy Weather Shoe)

L.L. Bean Boots | Gum Shoes

The weather is turning quickly here in the Northeast. It’s starting to rain more; it’s colder. It’s only a matter of time before winter arrives. As this happens, the boat shoes and sandals we’ve been rocking all summer will no longer cut it. During last few rain storms here, we’ve been demoing L.L. Bean’s Gum…

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Then I Wore Some Boots... Like A Boss

West Coast Shoe Company Boss Boot

1939, a tumultuous and eventful year. John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath was first published. Millions of Americans were unemployed despite the New Deal, followed by the first televised president, FDR himself. Also, the year West Coast Shoe Company’s conceived the Boss Boot’s – when boots weren’t considered fashion, but rather a daily lifegoing necessity. And…

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Work Wear for the Common Man

Thorogood Moc Toe Boots

A good pair of boots should be in any man’s wardrobe, and with work wear making a comeback, many options abound. Unfortunately, most of the companies offering such items want to charge a premium for “authentic” representations of American style. J. Crew even has the audacity to charge 3 bills (or as Patrick says, hunnies) for…

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Gear Patrol Talks Shoes with Brett Fahlgren

GQ Magazine’s Style Correspondent and Guest Editor at Piperlime Gear Patrol recently sat down with Guest Editor for Piperlime, Brett Fahlgren (about Brett) to talk men’s footwear. Finding the right shoes that offer comfort, style, and verticality is key – and, frankly, not that easy. That’s where Brett comes in. Gear Patrol: What should men…

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Clarks Original Desert Boot

With winter officially here (for us Floridians), I figured it was time to buy a pair of boots. Most magazines will have men buy shoes/clothing an entire season in advance, but I prefer the just-in-time approach. So, in lieu of sporting Timbos this year, I decided to go with another classic. The Clarks Desert Boot…

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Gear Patrol Giveaway – KEEN Footwear

Gear Up With A KEEN Giveaway Reading Gear Patrol must be difficult. It must be difficult to sit there reading about all these great products wishing you could just click on that link to order it without having to enter in your payment information. Trust us, we feel the same way. It just happens to…

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L.L.Bean Shearling Boots

Stave off the winter wet weather with a pair of Shearling boots for the winter season. One of L.L.Bean’s basics, these boots have been made since 1912 and triple-stitched together one pair at a time in Maine. Whether you’re hunting, plowing the yard or just fighting a few blocks of soaked parking lots the L.L.Bean…

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Sperry Figawi and Submersible Boot

Serious Water Footwear for the Boating Professional Men’s Submersible Boot Sure, we shot this in a bathtub, but one wear and you might start wearing it in the tub too. For the serious sailor or kayaker, footwear doesn’t get any better than this. In fact these submersible boots, made of genuine quick drying neoprene, were…

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Rockport Brockham

The Rockport Brockham isn’t just your basic run of the mill boot. Beyond it’s sharp looks is something you’ve come to depend on in your kicks. Comfort. A DMX Micro II heel air chamber provides a cushion of air between your feet based off the Torsion technology developed by Adidas. It’s full grain leather uppers…

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J Shoes Wrench

Even if you don’t know what a Chelsea boot is off the top of your head you probably know the design instantly. Most decent shoe manufacturers make one variation or another, but we’ve got our eye on the Wrench by J Shoes. It’s got classic round toe Chelsea boot lines with deep elastic panels for…

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Sorel Timberwolf Winter Boots

This winter give those boots and shoes a welcome relief from the elements by putting on a pair of Sorel Timerwolf boots. You’ll save your shoes and your own feet from the harshness of winter and be comfortable while doing it. Sorel’s brand is known for their well priced and comfortable boots. Having owned two…

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Salerno Cap-Toe Boot

The Chelsea boot is quintessential mens fashion. It’s British inspired mod looks combined with classic construction make it a shoe no man would be lesser without. This sleek cap-toe boot from Banana Republic hails from that design. In addition it has an easy pull-on loop and double gore insole for an enhanced fit and comfort….