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Get Above the Action

Rotary Club: Take to the Skies with These 3 Drones for the GoPro

Drones with GoPro capability have exploded in popularity over the past two or three years and are finally beginning to arrive at price points that might make the budget-minded filmmaker’s ears perk up. With that in mind, we sought to find the best drones for aerial filmmaking; after some worthwhile learning experiences (don’t try and learn to fly one in a New York City office), we’ve arrived at our three favorites.

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Your personal eye in the sky

Lehmann Aviation LFPV UAV

Lehmann Aviation’s latest LFPV (~$2,352) is one of the more affordable ways to get movie-grade aerial videos and photos without renting a chopper. While it’s certainly no predator drone, the small UAV does come equipped with a camera capable of full HD video and 11MP stills. Based on the photos and specs, it looks like…