Say hello to our little friend

The Smoking Gun

Just because winter is upon us, doesn’t mean we are abandoning our desire to produce perfectly smoked barbeque. Next time you are standing outside, hands numb and freezing, attempting to feed wood chips or pellets into your favorite smoker, consider an alternate option: The Smoking Gun ($99) smoker.

This petite 2 pound package uses an 18” long flexible extender hose to subtly infuse meat, vegetables or fruits with your favorite smoke flavors like hickory and apple wood. Using real wood which does not require any pre-soaking, the 4 AA battery-powered Smoking Gun can smoke food before or after cooking. One aspect we found particularly nice was the fact that all the heat is contained in an anodized aluminum chamber which allows to the smoke to heat up when lit, but release cool so as not to burn you or over cook the food. The Smoking Gun can be easily used and adapted for resealable bags or dishes covered with cling wrap.

Buy Now: $99