Beyond the Apple

The Best Windows Alternatives to the MacBook

For anyone in the market for a high-end laptop, or for anyone who is flirting with the notion of jumping ship from Apple, these five laptops deserve your attention.

The GP100

Sorry Apple, Google Made 2019’s Most Important Phone

In their ongoing quest to replace every gadget, smartphones have begun to do battle with dedicated cameras like DSLRs. All the while, their prices have continued to rise, reaching up into four figures. With the Pixel 3a, Google proves there’s another way.

The GP100

The 10 Best Tech Products of 2019

Like a shark, technology always moves forward, but who said anything about a straight line? This year has been full of twists and turns that illustrate how true innovation sprouts in unexpected directions.

Introducing the Wyze Lock

This May Be the Best Affordable Smart Lock Out There

Wyze already makes some of our favorite (and by far the cheapest) smart cameras, smart bulbs and smart security systems. The company just announced its first-ever smart lock: the Wyze Lock.

The flip phone reborn and looking better than ever

Flip Phones Are a Better Idea Than Ever

With its 6.2-inch folding plastic OLED screen, the new Motorola Razr is an unabashed nostalgia gimmick, but it might be the phone of my dreams despite that.

Streamline your photo nightmare

How to Use Google Photos To Reign In Your Photo Library

Google Photos is free, powerful, available on all platforms, and even comes with free cloud storage, all of which makes it the easy go-to choice for consolidating and organizing your photo library.

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