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BladeX5 Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves

August 3, 2012 Home By Photo by BladeX5
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Even the best chefs and butchers cut themselves from time to time, and given the odds, your index finger is probably prime target for your next chop session. Protect your mitts with a pair of BladeX5 Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves ($14) for practicing your knife skills with confidence. Their cut-resistant fiber blend technology is four times stronger than leather and is more flexible than a steel mesh alternative — they’re practically like shark cages for your hands.

These gloves aren’t just for those new to the knife, either. They’re also ideal for butchers or any DIY-er using a sharp tool. The BladeX5 comes as a pair of gloves, rather than just one, offering protection for more rigorous cutting duties that might require alternating knife hands. BladeX5 emphasizes cut and slice safety rather than puncture resistance, so if you’re into shucking oysters you might want to grab a steel mesh glove so your friends don’t start calling you McNubbins.

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