Burn the lamp at both ends

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp

Design By Photo by Satechi

Melatonin is a hormone produced inside the brain that helps regulate sleep. It essentially burns away when light enters the eyes; when there is no light it builds up in your noodle and you snooze. Good taste is something that regulates the aesthetic appeal of your personal environment; the more good taste you have, the more friends you will have. What we’re saying is, if you ever want to have a conversation with anyone other than the television, it’s time to ditch the lava lamp and invest in the Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp ($100).

The touch-panel-controlled Smart LED Desk Lamp is many useful things in one form — a modern design piece, a USB charger for mobile devices and a mind-control tool. Different lighting modes correspond to optimal brightness levels for different types of activities. Trying to learn? There’s a mode for that. Reading? There’s a mode for that. There’s even presets for relaxing and for sleeping (though you’ll have better luck with that bit if your eyes are closed altogether). LED lamps outlast and outshine alternatives like fluorescent and incandescent, and because there aren’t toxic materials in LEDs, this lamp one-ups the others with its green factor. Make “bright idea” puns on your own time, but check out this lamp if you’re into winning friends and influencing brainwaves.