Be Short, Not Brief

Under Armor: Five Great Boxer Shorts

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Boxer shorts are named after the athletic wear for which they are fashioned. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, as they say. The loosest fitting of male undershorts, boxers allow free range of movement for you legs and other parts, and enough soft protection that wearing them is like getting away with loungewear 24/7. From inexpensive to splurge, classic to technical, we’ve got you and yours covered with these five pairs of boxers.

OUR PICKS: A. Hanes Classic Tagless Tartan Boxers ($16 for 5) are a pillar in the hallowed halls of undershorts, at a price that allows you to have a pair for every day of the month. | Made in America and available in a large variety of basic colors, B. Flint and Tinder ($30) boxers are ultra soft and fitted enough to wear under tailored pants. | C. Calvin Klein Shadow Stripe Boxers ($19) are a step up from basic-level threads and, more importantly, create an informal alliance with Mark Wahlberg. | D. Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers ($45) are as good for fitness as they are for everyday use, and are made from merino wool with a touch of Lycra. | If you get your shirts tailored and monogrammed, get your boxers from E. Charles van der Pear ($50).

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