Ferrari enthusiast and luxury watch retailer David Lee is headed to this year’s The Quail at Pebble Beach. And, more importantly, he’s bringing his collection of vintage Ferarri supercars with him. In the automotive and luxury lifestyle worlds, it’s universally considered an honor of the highest order to be invited to bring your car — singular — to The Quail, the pinnacle of the Pebble Beach weekend, with the cream of the crop of vintage exotic automobiles on display for the drooling attendees to view at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club against the backdrop of the Santa Lucia mountain range. Bringing five is virtually unheard of.


One car alone in Mr. Lee’s collection is enough to get the automotive pulse racing like mad, but the five together amounts to a compendium of Maranello’s finest. His collection includes the raw F40 with that signature bookshelf spoiler and lexan windows for lightness; the exclusive F50 V12 roadster of which only 349 were made; the carbon fiber bodied and F1-inspired Enzo; and the world’s first supercar, the 288 GTO. Those cars are all incredibly rare, but the fifth car stands out among the best of the best: one of the world’s five existing 288 GTO Evoluziones. It’s the direct daddy of the F40, infused with 650 horsepower and built solely for Group B rally racing; because Group B was cancelled in 1986 before the Evo could take part, only five were ever made. In addition, Mr. Lee’s collection also includes 275 GTB 6carb (six in existence), 275 GTS Spider, 330 GTS Spider and Ferrari Daytona Spider. It’s a breathtaking assembly to say the least.

We had the opportunity to take a first look at Lee’s historic collection a few weeks ahead of Pebble Beach — which we’ll be attending. His prized steeds are captured in this photo essay.