Seasonable Picks for Seasoned Travelers

Wardrobe Essentials for a Life on the Go

January 28, 2015 Buying Guides By
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The seasoned traveler is the guy you pass sitting in first class on your way to the coach cabin. The one who’s relaxed and unhurried, acting like the only natural thing in the world is to be taking this long hollow tube 30,000 feet up into the air with a bunch of strangers and landing in a new place on the opposite side of the globe. He’s calm because the things he carries maintain superlative creature comforts without compromising packing efficiency. His luggage is minimalist but essential. He’s experimented with and refined his travel companions until only the most compelling accessories remain in his quiver. He knows that not everything expensive is good, but the best often comes at a cost. These are the premium accoutrements to any journey, the picks that come from the refined palate of the guy who’s putting six figures of flight miles on the books each year. This is how to stay light and refreshed on the road with no less style than you would at home.

Contributions by Matthew Ankeny and Jack Seemer.


Stalwarts in Transit
Dopp Kit in Orange Wax Army Duck by Joshu + Vela $70
The Carry-On by Away $225
Black Waxed Briefcase by Winter Session $245
Valet No. 237 Garment Bag by Ghurka $495
Canvas and Leather Zipper Holdall Travel Bag by Lotuff $600


On Person
Light Twill Chino by Save Khaki United $145
Standard Shirt by The Hill-Side $199
Vladimir Merino Wool-Blend Sweater by Nudie Jeans $230
Lightweight Blazer by Alex Mill $335
Craftsmen Leather Chelsea Boots by R.M. Williams $495


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Extras Without the Fluff
Notebook by Appointed $24
Original Astronaut Space Pen by Fisher $40
Travel Wallet by Tanner Goods $125
Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses by Persol $350
Zürich Weltzeit by Nomos Glashütte $6,100


Power Reserves
Citymapper App by Citymapper Free
Power Reserve 1x by Mophie $35
M500 Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphones by KEF $300
Kindle Oasis by Amazon $310
Cyber-Shot RX1RII by Sony $3,300


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