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The Way Things Age

March 13, 2015 Features By Photo by Sung Han
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The objects we hold on to, that we use everyday, become part of our identity. And, as they integrate into our lives, we, too, become part of theirs. The oils of our skin, the patterns of our use, the sweat we shed and the dust we pull them through all work their way into the objects. They take on our patina, our distinct wearing in. And over the years of use, they pick up stories, little snippets of our lives — “that tear there came from…” “that dent there happened when…” — that the objects carry with them, as we go on carrying the objects with us.

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The GP Staff was tasked with bringing in a “well-worn and well-loved object of your affection”. The things people brought in hit deep. Like our desks or home screens, these objects shed light on the personalities of the men who use them. They’re mementos with grand meaning and large memories. They’re memories in concrete form that carry weight, history and, of course, a story.

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