Sure, your local gym is serviceable. It has weights, a treadmill, an elliptical, and a communal shower area. But what if you could get changed into workout clothes that were washed and laid out for you in a private changing room and shower, get stretched out by a personal trainer before your workout, and work out with a program tailored specifically to your goals — all before having a post-workout meal at an in-house restaurant? These places do exist, for those looking to indulge in the most opulent workout routine imaginable. If money is no object, and you’re looking for the best-possible fitness services available, then these are your gyms.

E at Equinox

While the standard Equinox is anything but standard, it only makes sense that the high-end gym would have an even higher-end secret club at two of its locations. E at Equinox is a retina-scan-entry private club capped at 200 members. It’s located at the Columbus Circle and Greenwich, Connecticut, locations. The club offers workout clothes that are laundered and folded, ready for you at your next workout. Private training is available to members, and trainers will work with you to achieve specific goals, building complete routines including workouts and diets.

The Indulgences: Private shower and changing cabanas, managers who track and tailor your workouts, access to a private golf coach.

Location: New York, NY and Greenwich, CT | Cost: $23,500 per year | Learn More Here:

Sitaras Fitness

If you’re looking for hardcore strength training, while still staying true to the luxury lifestyle, Sitaras training is the perfect fit. Members can unwind after a workout on a 3,000-square-foot landscaped terrace. Locker rooms are faced in dark oak and each shower is outfitted with rain showerhead and terrazzo floor. The Sitaras philosophy also includes a full digital tracking segment that gathers data on your workout, and adjusts your workouts based on the resulting data and goals.

The Indulgences: A private army of personal trainers, membership capped at only 200 members.

Location: New York, NY | Cost: $13,760 annually | Learn More Here:

The Houstonian

Located in the picturesque Houstonian Hotel, the fitness club at the Houstonian is the essence of old-school luxury. It looks like something directly out of The Firm, where wealthy lawyers play squash and drink Scotch in the cocktail lounge. But don’t let its regal opulence fool you: the Houstonian is packed with top-of-the-line fitness equipment to help you work off all that lobster you’re indulging in daily.

The Indulgences: Posh lobby, rock-climbing wall, boxing ring, dietitians available to members

Location: Houston, TX | Cost: $24,000 a year for a resident membership, plus $200 monthly dues | Learn More Here:


Built as a full-service spa and health center, Zenergy is the perfect place for Sun Valley’s elite to stay in shape when not out on the mountain or wading into the river to fly-fish. Not only does Zenergy offer massage therapy, the 48,000-square-foot facility also offers acupuncture, reflexology, a nail salon, and Greg Hinshaw’s hair studio and tanning services (if you’re into that sort of thing). There is also a squash court, pilates studio, indoor cycling center, and yoga studio.

The Indulgences: Indoor and outdoor saline pools, full-service spa with massage therapists, squash court, sports rehab clinic.

Location: Sun Valley, ID | Cost: $135 per month, plus $15,000 initiation fee | Learn More Here:

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