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The LA Clothing Designers You Need to Know

January 12, 2017 Style : Clothing By Photo by Chase Pellerin

The sun-baked neighborhoods of Los Angeles are home to some of the most creative people across a wide range of fields. As the neighborhoods coalesce, the city itself proves an enormous haven for innovators, entrepreneurs and iconoclasts. Though not typically thought of as a fashion stronghold, LA’s reputation in the world of style is quickly changing. The work of three designers — John Moore, Greg Lauren and Greg Chait — show that Southern California is not only an incubator for fashion, but an area that champions pioneering ideas.

John Moore

John Moore, the co-founder of Outerknown, discusses his creative life and the importance of sustainability.

Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren, of the iconic American fashion brand family, discusses how clothing and art have helped shape his personal identity.

Greg Chait

Greg Chait’s luxury cashmere brand, The Elder Statesman, makes some of the finest sweaters and shirts money can buy.