4,000 Feet Under the Sea

Rolex’s New Sea-Dweller Is Glorious Overkill

March 22, 2017 Watches By

It’s been 50 years since Rolex first debuted its deep-diving Sea-Dweller, and the watchmaker is celebrating with a new iteration for 2017. At 43mm, the Sea-Dweller is a bit on the bigger side, but that’s for good reason: it’s water-resistant to an astounding 4,000 feet (nearly four times as deep as the current scuba-diving world record). Rolex also added little touches like red lettering at the bottom of the dial (an homage to the original) and, for the first time ever on the Sea-Dweller, a “cyclops” crystal. The watch is also Superlative Chronometer certified, which means it’s accurate to +/-2 seconds per day. When the Sea-Dweller goes on sale, expect a retail price of $11,350.

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