Set It and Forget It

The New and Improved Instant Pot Is Made for Real Cooking

April 21, 2017 Home : Eats By

Instant Pot, the all-in-one pressure cooker that earned the designation of best-selling item in the U.S. on Amazon Prime Day last year, has announced a new model that takes a cue from old-school cooking by putting more control in the user’s hands. The six-quart Instant Pot ULTRA features an updated dial-operated interface and 10 presets, including a new “ULTRA” manual setting, which allows users to customize pressurization, temperature and cooking time.

By allowing users to go beyond pre-programmed settings, the appliance’s utility is amplified. What’s more, the new Instant Pot makes it possible to cook sous-vide without the use of a circulator, holding water at a temperature accurate within five degrees of the desired setting. Those familiar with previous Instant Pot models will appreciate the integration of an elevation sensor, which automatically adjusts pressure and cooking time according to altitude, and a progress indicator that keeps tabs on food during the cooking process.

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