Meet Springbar Canvas

A Mid-Century Car Camping Icon Is Being Revived

June 16, 2017 Home By

The proliferation of automobiles and the advent of leisure activities during the middle of the twentieth century gave rise to the road trip, and with it, car camping. Debuted in 1961, the Springbar tent is an icon of mid-century outdoor culture and design — and it’s just been revived and relicensed. Developed as a solution to the problem of the finicky pole- and rope-laden tents of the time, Springbar Canvas tents were made to be assembled by one person, with minimal hair-pulling.

Made from mold and mildew-resistant cotton duck canvas, the tents are more breathable than their synthetic counterparts, but are still watertight thanks to densely woven fabric and signature lap-felled seams. They’re spacious, too, mapping 100 square feet for the six-person tent, with an awning for shaded tent-side lazing — all in a muted sage color emblematic of mid-century design.

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