Ghosts of WWI: A WWI-era German submarine was discovered off the coast of Belgium, with the remains of 23 German soldiers inside. Aside from some damage on the nose, presumably from a deep-sea mine, the submarine is in near-perfect condition.

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Alpha Industries x NASA Apollo II MA-1 Flight Jacket

This is not an imitation flight jacket. In the ’70s, Alpha Industries once made genuine flight jackets for the U.S. Air Force and Navy. Now, the MA-1 has a few less technical details, and is black rather than military green — but the spirit remains.

Volvo XC40

The latest work of art to emerge from Volvo’s recent design renaissance. And best of all: it’s surprisingly attainable, thanks to Volvo’s all-inclusive, flat-fee leasing program.

Spy Loma Sunglasses

Spy’s new collection of beachy lifestyle sunglasses throw sand in Ray-Ban’s face. The frame is handmade acetate; the lens features Spy’s special color-enhancing and focus-boosting technology.

Yamaha R-N803 Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver

Imagine the pinnacle of hi-fi receiver technology. Looks complicated, doesn’t it? Now cram that into a classic Yamaha chassis, with manual knobs and sliders and all. is the R-N803.

Airblaster Ninja Suit Merino Base Layer

Ordinary long underwear is about as fun as plain oatmeal. But the Ninja Suit brings the party.

LIFX Mini Wifi-Enabled Bulbs

Perhaps the best way to get into smart bulbs (and you totally should) is to start small. LIFX just released three new mini bulbs, each with its own unique benefits. Available now for preorder.

Aer Travel Pack (Gray)

From the Gear Patrol Store: Aer’s Travel Pack is also made in gray with a water-resistant polyester lining. The Travel Pack is the ultimate carry-on bag. Aer’s design includes individual compartments for technology and all travel necessities. There are even side compression straps so you can convert it into a backpack upon landing.

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How to save on Whalebone apparel, an Areaware bottle opener and a Sharp TV.

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