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Best iPhone X Cases for Every Need & Budget (Available Now)

November 3, 2017 Buying Guides By Photo by Chase Pellerin
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What defines “the best” in the realm of iPhone X cases is admittedly subjective. That’s because even before launch, there are hundreds of iPhone X case options ready to handle everything from offering maximum protection against drops to replacing your wallet or simply looking good while preventing basic scratches.

To make things easier, we’ve selected a variety of excellent iPhone X case options based on popular style.

Buying Guide

Why You Need an iPhone X Case: Repair Costs

And if ever there was a smartphone that demanded using at least some form of case, it’s Apple’s new flagship. The latest and greatest addition to the iPhone family is notable for many reasons — including being one of the most expensive smartphones ever sold with a starting price of $999 for the basic model. It’s also extremely expensive to repair. Replacing a cracked or broken OLED display on the iPhone X will cost $279 alone if you don’t have AppleCare. That’s over $100 more compared to replacing a traditional iPhone Plus screen. Dealing with so-called “other damage” likewise starts at a whopping $549 without warranty.

What to Look For in the Best iPhone X Cases

Brand Reputation:
There are countless one-off companies you’ve never heard of offering some form of molded plastic or synthetic textile to wrap around your iPhone X. The rock-bottom prices of these cases may be tempting, but we wouldn’t recommend buying cases from these sources. That’s because there are also plenty of great iPhone X cases available from well-respected brands like Twelve South, Otterbox, Spigen, Mujjo, Peel and more that can come with a variety of important purchase reassurances like:

1. Limited warranties that stand behind the quality of their product.
2. The comfort of knowing you can actually return your iPhone X case if it isn’t the right one for you and still get a refund.

The best iPhone X cases should complement the aesthetics and design of Apple’s industrial engineering, not detract from them. So with every selection below, we’ve curated options that meet our taste standards and also check off critical boxes like fitting securely around the iPhone X, feeling great in the hand and sliding in and out of pockets well.

Every smartphone case offers some form of additional protection compared to going “naked,” but let’s be honest, not everyone buys a case for that reason specifically. That’s why we’ve worked to include a variety of iPhone X case styles to address the most common needs people have. This ranged from making the iPhone X easier to hold, to including room for credit cards and an ID, to protecting the front screen as well as the back and even offering unique touches like an integrated kickstand for watching Netflix on a commute.

Some people just want a case that costs less than $20 bucks. Others have no problem spending three figures on a case that matches their personal aesthetic and the luxurious feel of the phone. We’re not here to judge either way. That’s why our iPhone X case picks cover a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. For your convenience, we’ve listed picks in price order starting with the lowest price within each buying guide section.

Will My Older iPhone Cases Fit on the iPhone X?

Just in case you’re wondering, the answer to this question is no. The iPhone X features a completely new body design that makes it totally incompatible with cases originally designed for modern iPhone and iPhone Plus models. You can read our full breakdown on how the iPhone X differs from Apple’s other new smartphone, the iPhone 8, here.

Can a Case Prevent Wireless Charging with the iPhone X?

Using a case with your iPhone X shouldn’t prevent it from charging wirelessly. However, thicker cases might cause your iPhone X to charge less efficiently, according to Belkin’s Director of Electrical Engineering Jack Norton who spoke with Gizmodo Australia.

The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 both use the Qi standard for wireless charging. The technical specification for Qi says it should work as long as the device is no more than 45mm apart from the charging pad. Practically speaking, this means your iPhone X should charge just fine with any case, even really thick ones, as long as it’s not made of metal. Keep in mind though that this only holds true for Qi certified chargers — so make sure you look for that certification before buying a pad.

If I Buy a Wallet-Style iPhone X Case, Will Wireless Charging My Phone Ruin My Credit Cards?

Wireless charging shouldn’t demagnetize or “ruin” your credit cards nestled inside your case, but having a credit card near a charging pad can still potentially cause issues with juicing your phone. That’s because today’s wireless charging pads are designed to automatically shut off when they detect metal in order to avoid creating an electrical fire hazard. The metal chip found inside many modern credit cards is large enough that it can trigger this safety response and stop charging in some cases according to Belkin’s Jack Norton. We recommend trying your wallet case on your charging pad and seeing what happens. If the charging light doesn’t come on, you might have to remove your chip-based credit card.

Best iPhone X Cases for Every Need & Budget

Best Thin iPhone X Cases

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone X Case

Spigen’s Thin Fit iPhone X Case stands out because of built-in QNMP compatibility, which means it will work well with most magnetic car mounts. It’s also available in a couple of colors with a more metal-like finish. Every version though features large Spigen branding on the back of the case in the opposite corner of the camera.

Totallee Ultra-Thin iPhone X Case

This case is slightly thicker than Peel and Caudabe’s paper-thin versions, measuring 0.02 inches thick (or approximately .58mm), which is still insanely thin. The extra thickness also makes the case slightly easier to hold. It’s available in eight color options, including a brighter blue or green, if you are looking for something with a little more punch. It also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund for up to two years after purchasing, or around the time the iPhone XII launches.

Totallee Genuine Leather Ultra-Thin iPhone X Case

This leather version of the Totallee’s Ultra-Thin case strikes a nice compromise between bulk and feel. It also measures just 0.02 inches thick while featuring a real lambskin leather backing for a more polished look. The same 100 percent satisfaction guarantee applies here as well.

Caudabe Veil XT iPhone X Case

Caudabe’s Veil XT measures just 0.35mm thin, making it on par with the thinnest cases available. It’s available in four colorways — Frost, Black, Red and Blue, the latter two of which are ultra bright, if you’re looking for a style statement. (Note: Caudabe is an advertiser on Gear Patrol at the time of writing.)

Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case

Peel’s iPhone X Case is also 0.35mm thin and feels like a second set of skin for your device. It’s a great ultra-thin option for anyone who prefers a minimalist and modern look. That’s because it’s branding free and available in more classic iPhone colors compared to Caudabe including jet black, jet white, matte black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Best Standard & Bumper Style iPhone X Cases

Anker KARAPAX Breeze

Anker’s ultra-affordable iPhone X case features a polycarbonate metallic frame with a soft TPU cover that creates a distinct 3D texture for improved grip. It’s also backed by an 18-month warranty.

Caseology Vault Series for iPhone X

The depressed-up portion of this case around the camera module helps provide a modern, technical look to the iPhone X. It’s also just $11.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case

This case design combines a more rugged external “bumper” that lifts the iPhone X’s screen bezels and camera bump off of flat surfaces with a transparent back to showcase your iPhone X’s true color.

Caseology Coastline Series iPhone X Case

This is another bumper / transparent case combo from a respected case maker at more affordable price point than other options on this list.

Speck CandyShell iPhone X Case

Speck has been making cases for Apple devices for a long time. We’re not exactly fans of their logo smack dab in the back of this case, but the CandyShell line has been around for years and is built to match MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.

Caseology Spectra Series iPhone X Case

This slim hard cover case offers a striking two-tone look that sets it apart from more basic options. We’re fans of the Pine Green / Beige option in particular.

Caudabe Lucid Clear iPhone X Case

This case is perfect for those seeking protection without hiding the core design of the iPhone X. It’s made from the same impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass.

Caudabe Sheath iPhone X Case

The Sheath combines distinctive looks, in the form of a laser-etched carbon fiber pattern up top, with a design that’s still quite thin at .90mm. It’s also tested to withstand drops of 6.6 feet or more.

Caudabe Synthesis iPhone X Case

This is the most rugged case made by Caudabe and it’s built to survive drops of up to 9.8 feet.

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

Apple’s basic iPhone X cases will cost you more than the vast majority of other rubberized options out there. That said, there’s no worrying about fit or finish here given that it’s made by Apple. They are also sold in a variety of unique color shades and also feature Apple’s iconic logo on the back, which is important to some fans.

Speck Presidio iPhone X Case

The Presidio also offers a solid amount of protection in a form factor that’s not too bulky. It’s act In fact, the company claims their Presidio line is their slimmest dual-layer case ever. You can find it in both clear and colored options.


Best Wallet iPhone X Cases

Nomad Wallet iPhone X Case

Nomad’s most traditional wallet case is a bit of a hybrid. The back half features a USA made Horween leather that’s then fused with a rubber TPE bumper around the perimeter of the screen. Note that the brown color shown in the press images is slightly darker in person.

Twelve South RelaxedLeather iPhone X Case

Apple fans are well aware of Twelve South’s great reputation with Apple accessories. Each of their RelaxedLeather iPhone X cases is completely unique thanks to hand burnishing along all of the edges and corners, and each includes two slots for an ID and credit card. It’s available in six distinct colors including black, teal, gray tan and indigo.

Mujjo Full Leather iPhone X Case

The Dutch brand Mujjo is known for making some of the most premium iPhone cases on the market today and their new Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X is no exception. It’s designed to wrap the iPhone X in full-grain leather while including space for two cards in the same rear slot.

Otterbox STRADA Series Case for iPhone X

OtterBox has always been respected for its ruggedized rubber cases built like tanks. The new STRADA series brings a bit of elegance into the equation by offering genuine leather materials in a folio style case.

Nomad Leather & Clear iPhone X Folio

Beyond the standard wallet case, Nomad also offers two folio style cases that protect the front of the iPhone X. One is a full leather option. The other features a clear case back with a full leather cover. Both feature space for three cards on the inside of the front cover.


Apple iPhone X Leather Folio

This is a new case design released by Apple specifically for the iPhone X. It’s essentially a mini smart cover for the X that wakes up the phone when its opened and automatically puts the phone to sleep when it closes. It also has space in the inside cover for a few credit cards or cash. The only downside? It’s by far the most expensive case in this guide.

Best Rugged iPhone X Cases

Pelican Shield iPhone X Case

Pelican cases have always been trusted by pros traveling with expensive tech. The new Shield case continues the legacy. It features a Kevlar-brand fiber construction that’s eight times stronger than steel wiring and its tested to withstand drops of up to 24 feet. That’s three times the military-grade MIL-STD 810G standard.

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone X

The classic strongbox is now available for the iPhone X. Its rubber port covers and belt-clip holster that doubles as a kickstand isn’t for everyone, but it gets the job done. Don’t forget that the case also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

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