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10 Fitness Gadgets We’re Dying to Try from CES 2018

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CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show has become the place for fitness brands to launch their latest and greatest products. It’s the place where tech brands go to share with the world their exciting (or what they think is exciting) 2018 gear. With the rise in fitness innovation (there’s more out there than just trackers), wellness brands have been itching to make a name for themselves at CES. Everything from the latest Fitbit to a smart scale has been announced in years past, and this year is no different. The big feature everyone is trying to incorporate is VR — and while we’re not sure they’ve succeeded, we’re ready to get our hands on all of the items below. You can check out some of our favorite new tech products announced at the show here and here.

Blackbox VR

There seems to be a race to see who can figure out how to use VR for fitness in a way that doesn’t look stupid, isn’t dangerous and actually helps you break a sweat. Blackbox is looking to be first with the launch of its virtual-reality gyms. Pull on the headset to play a game that’s tied to an electronically-controlled cable system (think of it like a Bowflex machine) designed to mimic the weight of whatever it is you’re pushing, pulling or lifting in the game. For someone who can’t seem to find the motivation to join a gym, this experience might just fit the bill. Membership will cost about $149 a month for three workouts a week, and will start rolling out in San Francisco come August, Ryan DeLuca, CEO of Black Box, tells us. We’re curious to see what areas of the country Black Box chooses to target next.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The latest update from Garmin comes with the capability to pay on the go (a la Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay) and the storage to hold up to 500 songs. Garmin is known for accurate GPS tech that hardcore runners love, so with this music announcement, the brand is poised to appeal to the more recreational runner. While not yet available, it’ll be on sale for $450 in the next 5 to 8 weeks.

Casio G-Shock Rangeman

Some of the toughest watches available are made by Casio, and the well-respected brand just added another GPS watch to its Master of G collection. In addition to charging through its built in solar panel, the watch is fitted with a ceramic backing that allows it to charge wirelessly. The watch is still as tough as series past: shock-resistant, waterproof up to 200 meters, dust- and dirt-proof, and still works at temps as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.


Another VR stand-out is the Icaros machine that pairs with a VR headset, controller and an app. While a bit niche, the 265-pound device might appeal to people who are looking for something a a bit different in their fitness routine. To use the machine, you lean forward on your stomach, essentially holding a plank position the entire time, and move back and forth to play a game. Icaros is available now for $9,200 (not including shipping).

Matrix Industries PowerWatch X

A smartwatch that never runs out of battery is something many athletes dream about. This new watch by Matrix turns the heat your body naturally produces (elevated when you exercise) into wattage to power the watch — no charging cord included. It tracks calories burned, activity level and sleep, while also notifying you with messages from your phone.

Peloton Treadmill

Peloton’s cult-like following speaks to its mastery of the indoor cycling bike. Now the brand is looking to add running to its repertoire with its new (and only other) piece of equipment — a treadmill. Similar to the bike, you pay a monthly price for as many streaming classes as you want with one of two instructors. The bonus is that it’s not all sprints and incline pushes; the trainers also incorporate weight training off the tread. Preorders are available now and shipping will start in the fall of this year.

SOUL Electronics Blade

Finding a personal trainer can be intimidating, not to mention expensive. The new Blade earbuds monitor your heart rate, elevation, cadence, speed and time, plus head tilt and angle to provide you with real-time coaching. They also analyze your gait to help prevent future injuries.

Suunto Fitness 3

The starring feature of this watch is that it tracks your fitness level, then automatically creates 7-day training plans, adapting the plan if you go too hard one day, or take two rest days in a row. The one glaring difference between this and many of Suunto’s other watches is that there is no GPS. Perhaps more geared towards gym-goers? Available this spring.


Tome and Trek Bikes got together to deliver a communication system that will help drivers and bikers communicate with each other on the road. In an effort to make the road safer for cyclists, cars are pinged with the cyclist’s location to help prevent accidents, especially in danger zones. This is definitely a step in the right direction with the goal of making every city bike-friendly.

Under Armour HOVR Technology

Under Armour’s two newest shoes, the Phantom and Sonic, are filled with its proprietary cushioning called HOVR. The shoes come with Record Equipped, the smart feature that tracks all runs without the touch of a button in the Map My Run app. For those of you who like to run without a tracker or phone, but want to keep a detailed log of your mileage, this is a seamless solution. Both shoes launch February 1.

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