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Why Your Next Pair of Sunglasses Should Have Blue Lenses

January 23, 2018 Style By Photo by Chase Pellerin

Sunglasses with blue lenses aren’t as common as frames with other colors. That’s a shame because indigo-tinted glass offers a number of unique benefits: they lessen glare, enhance contours and reduce stress on the eyes. Truth be told, they’re not the most effective tool against bright sunlight but they excel in situations with moderate ambient light (foggy weather, snowy conditions and twilight hours). So, if you’re looking to add another pair of sunglasses to your arsenal, consider a pair that will perform well in fringe conditions. Three recs below.

Wilmington Sunglasses by Cubitts $165

649 Sunglasses by Persol $310

Jules Sunglasses by Jacques Marie Mage $595

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