The New Disco Earned It

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery Wins Four-Wheeler SUV of the Year — Read Our Review

January 30, 2018 Cars By

The world’s most prestigious automotive awards — Car of the Year, Performance Car of the Year, Truck of the Year — are generally earned by cars that deserve it. But for every category of car or truck, there are another five or six subcategories, which makes the competition stiff and choosing the eventual winner that much harder. With that said, the 2018 Land Rover Discovery may not have won an outright SUV of the Year award, but when it comes to putting its wheels in the dirt, few other SUVs do it better while still being so damn well-rounded. And that’s why the 2018 Land Rover Discovery earned the Four-Wheeler of the Year Award with ease. See what our initial thoughts were when we got our hands on it, last year.

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