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This Is the Craighill Desk Knife, and You Need One Immediately

June 7, 2018 Sports and Outdoors : Knives & Multitools By Photo by Craighill

We use a great many knives in the Gear Patrol office. I’ve always been a fan, if not connoisseur, of the implement myself, and currently have no fewer than three different folders on or in my desk as I type this. In the past week, I’ve used them to open boxes, to remove splinters, in lieu of a paper cutter, to chop up food and to stage the rumble scene from West Side Story. (You can’t prove I didn’t.) My fellow Gear Patrollers are also outfitted similarly, with pocket knives of all types used for all manner of tasks. But the Desk Knife by Craighill looks to best them all.

The Desk Knife is just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch, much like a chunky pen might be shaped. It’s milled in Wisconsin from a solid shaft of stainless steel into a shape inspired by traditional Kiridashi knives, a type of utility blade that features “a chisel grind and a sharp point.” Then the 4.5-ounce product, which is notched every half inch to improve grip and to function as a rudimentary ruler, is finished in New York City. It’s a simple cutting tool that is beautifully functional and designed to be at hand when you need it most. And most of us aren’t whittling sticks into spears or skinning deer or rumbling with the Sharks — most of us are sitting at a desk when the need to cut arises. We open packages or letters, slice a bit of apple or simply need something to spin around as we endure another conference call.

As a huge proponent of billet metal objects that score highly on both function and form — a quality that Craighill refers to as “elemental” — the Desk Knife hits my sweet spot perfectly. It’s graceful and tasteful but also practical — the simple blade is easy to sharpen and maintain. I’m eager to get my hands on one to prove to the world that it’s the only utility blade I’ll ever need.

Update: My knife arrived today, and it’s delightfully heavy to hold, and balanced and sharp enough to use as a deskside scalpel. Moreover, it looks great amid the various other tools and toys on my workstation. Heartily recommended for any function-biased aesthete.

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