This Smartly Designed Grill and Smoker Is Primed for Tailgating Season

June 19, 2018 Home By

PK Grills is very smart about its product development — but not the wifi-enabled everything kind of smart, you know. The kind that solves issues without creating more issues. Its grill smokers are familiar, but a cast-aluminum body and a four-point vent system — which, together, permit absurdly balanced and precise heat control and a tough, rust-proof exterior — bring far more utility than what’s expected. And now, they’ve made one tailored specifically for mobility.

The PKTX uses the same vent system and the same size hand-cast aluminum body, but puts the grill capsule on a scissor stand that folds up into a hand truck-like tow for easier deployment. Thankfully, the wheels are not plastic — the brand opted for a much more durable rubber set. Altogether, it folds up and into your cargo space or truck bed quickly, is capable of high heat cooking and low-and-slow smoking and is still completely rust-proof.

The PKTX is available on PK Grills’ site for $399 now.

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