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This Super Pretty Headphone Amp Is Perfect for Audiophiles

June 26, 2018 Tech By

You probably won’t be able to afford Woo Audio’s newest audiophile-grade accessory. It’s an electrostatic headphone amplifier and preamplifier, named the 3ES, that runs between $7,649 and $13,000 depending on the model you get. (The “Elite Edition” has a 24k gold-plated plaque.) Still, it’s a sight to behold. It has a two-unit design, just like the Woo Audio’s WA33 headphone amplifier, that’s paired with a number of glowing glass tubes — the 3ES “employs two 6SN7 driver tubes pushing four 300B power tubes as the output stage and one rectifier tube in the center of the amp,” according to the company. The 3ES is compatible with high-end electrostatic headphones, by the likes of HiFiMan, Stax and MrSpeakers, and it has a dual headphone output to allow two people to listen simultaneously.

The Woo Audio 3ES electrostatic headphone amplifier and preamplifier is available for preorder now. Each model was designed and is assembled in New York.

Key Specs

Voltage: AC 100 – 120V 60HZ or AC220 – 240V
Inputs: XLR (2x), RCA (1x)
Compatible: 5-pin 580v (Pro-bias) for STAX, HiFiMan, MrSpeakers headphones

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