Any Color You Want so Long as It's Yellow

One of The Rarest Fabrics On Earth is Now a $5,000 Pair of Cycling Socks

June 27, 2018 Sports and Outdoors By Photo by DeFeet

The Golden silk orb-weaver is a finicky, slightly terrifying spider that produces an incredible silk. Not only is it incredibly strong and light, it also happens to be the exact same shade of yellow as the Tour De France leaders jersey.

The birth of worlds first ever Golden Orb spider silk sock.

Coop DeFeet aka The Chief Sockologist welcomes his new sock baby into the world. More precious than any before, the Golden Orb Spider Evo is born.

Posted by DeFeet International on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This is a fact not lost to North Carolina based cycling sock company DeFeet, who just announced a hyper-limited edition sock called the EVO Spider Silk. Not to be confused with companies like Bolt Threads’ attempts to recreate spider silk artificially, this is made from the real deal stuff — which is insanely expensive to produce. According to DeFeet founder Shane Cooper, this is the first sock and only the fourth product ever made from the material (notable others include a bed hanging in 1900 and gigantic shawl in 2012.)

The first pair of EVO Spider Silk socks will be presented to DeFeet-sponsored Team Quick-Step on the eve of the Tour De France in early July and will subsequently be for sale (in insanely limited quantities) for a cool $5,000 per pair.