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With This Packing Accessory, You Can Perfect Your Travel Routine

There are many philosophies when it comes to packing, and most fit on a simple spectrum. At one end is the stuff-it-all-in method, typical of travelers who care not for wrinkles and don’t mind a grab-bag approach when it comes to dressing once at the destination. The opposite end of that range is home to the overly-organized packer, who might pre-plan a trip’s every outfit in a plainly-labeled plastic bag.

There’s no shame in owning up to either of these methods, but either case harbors potential for a slight degree of refinement. Enter Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Active travel organizers. The zipper- and clip-sealable cubes can diffuse organization into either method; the freeform traveler can chuck all his stuff into a few of them without thinking too much about the method, and the well-ordered wanderer can achieve his same ends with a reusable and washable accessory.

Eagle Creek has been making its lightweight travel organizers for a while now, but today it expanded the line with the addition of an Active Collection. It built the new pouches with an anti-microbial fabric that helps prevent germs from building up while you’re en-route. The new tech is particularly helpful in transporting shoes from A to B, and keeping their funk contained and separated from your clean clothes.

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Tanner Bowden

Tanner Bowden is a staff writer at Gear Patrol covering all things outdoors and fitness. He is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and a former wilderness educator. He lives in Brooklyn but will always identify as a Vermonter.

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