Leave your excuses at home

A Backpack to Make Meal Prepping Easier Than Ever

July 10, 2018 Briefings By

Special dietary needs, especially when adhering to a strict meal management fitness plan, can make being on-the-go difficult. Prepared meals require bringing along multiple food containers for the day — on top of your EDC stuff.

This is the very problem Six Pack Fitness aimed to solve with their Expedition Backpack. A removable meal core offers stealthy built-in container storage for three leak-proof sure seal 20oz. meal prep containers (which come included with the bag). The insulated modular core system and anti-condensation side gussets ensure that the Expedition Backpack can keep up to three meals fresh and cool for eight hours. It also sports an inner lining compartment for laptops and tablets up to 15-inches and an extra large main compartment that can hold your workout clothing and gear.

If your previous excuses for not adhering to that fitness plan sounded something like, “But how I am going to take these meals with me every day?” then you can now leave your excuses at home.

Use code COOLBAG for 10-percent off.

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