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5 of the Most Popular Japanese Whiskies Under $100

July 16, 2018 Buying Guides By

Short of a trip to Japan, Dekanta is the defacto choice for westerners shopping for Japanese whisky. The website is home to some of the rarest bottles of Japanese whisky in existence today, and quite a few perennial award-getters.

Last week, it released its collection of the best-selling bottles of 2018 thus far, and quite a few (almost all, really) are victims of Japanese whisky’s enormous price spike. But some are still within reason, price-wise. Here are five of the most popular bottles of Japanese whisky, all under $100.

Nikka Whisky From the Barrel

“This bottle was produced using matured malt and grain whisky, with the grain originating from the Miyagikyo distillery and the malt from Yoichi. The grain and the malts are mixed and then matured in a first-fill bourbon cask, creating a rich harmony between distinctly different whiskies. Bottled at 51.4% ABV, this whisky is characterized by solidity, depth, and a rich aroma.”

Suntory Yamazaki Umeshu

“Of all the Suntory’s assets, the Yamazaki distillery is something of a legend in the Japanese whisky world. It’s behind these distillery walls that Suntory carefully ages its Japanese Umeshu (plum liqueur) in toasted Yamazaki casks. An exotic Japanese liquor, this release is sweet and decadent, bursting with notes of roasted oak. Perfect for fans of the Hibiki 12, as some of the whisky blended into it was aged in these umeshu casks.”

Suntory The Chita Since 1972

“The Chita is part of the exciting new lineup from Suntory, released on September 1st 2015. It is also Suntory’s first new brand in 11 years. The Chita is a delicate grain whisky bottled at the distillery of the same name. It is excellent enjoyed straight, bringing forward the playful, sweet notes of the grain within.”

Kamiki Blended Malt Whisky

“Translated as ‘God’s Breath’ and named after the winds which descend from Mount Miwa in Nara, Kamiki is a modern blended whisky bound by the ancient traditions of Japan’s Kansai region. Carefully selected Japanese malt whiskies are blended with some of the finest malt whiskies from across the globe to create a smooth, deep, world blended expression.”

Nikka Coffe Malt Whisky

“Previously only released as part of single casks, Nikka decided to add their Coffey Malt to their core range in 2014. Coffey stills are normally used for grain whisky production, and they make the malt delightfully fruity and spicy. This is one of our favourites here at dekanta. Distilled in the continuous Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo distillery, which were imported from Scotland in 1963. A malt whisky made in a grain whisky still, you won’t find such a dram outside Japan.”

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