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This Cheap Wall Charger Is the Perfect Travel Accessory for Your MacBook Pro

October 26, 2018 Tech By

If you don’t already own one of Anker’s portable power banks or wall adapters – I highly recommend it. (I have several of each.) The company is notorious for making really good and affordable tech accessories, and its latest one, the PowerPort Atom PD 1 ($30), is something every MacBook Pro (or upcoming iPad Pro X) owner should think about buying. It’s a 27-watt wall charger that’s roughly the same size as the 5-watt puck that comes with your iPhone, yet it can charge your USB-C laptop. It can charge your Nintendo Switch or new Google Pixel 3 pretty darn fast, too.

What makes the Powerport Atom PD 1 special is that it’s the first charger to use Anker’s proprietary Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, which Anker says allows it to be “slimmer, lighter and more efficient than conventional wall chargers.” Granted, Anker’s new wall adapter still won’t charge your MacBook Pro as quickly as your 67-watt adapter that comes with the laptop, but the Powerport Atom PD 1 is way more portable than any other such wall charger on the market.

The PowerPort Atom PD 1 isn’t available just yet, but once the end of November comes around you’ll be able to purchase it from Amazon.

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