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Some of the Most Unreliable Car Brands of 2018 and Their Worst Cars

October 26, 2018 Cars By

First impressions can be deceiving. That might be the understatement of the year, but it rings especially true with brand-new cars. Just because its fresh off of the lot and still bathes you in that new car smell doesn’t mean the next couple of thousand miles will be trouble-free. Consumer Reports just announced the results of its Annual Auto Survey based on data on reliability collected from the vehicles of over 500,000 CR members.

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Consumer Reports’ list is made up of 29 car manufacturers and points out each brand’s most unreliable car. It was little disheartening to see all the US brands in the bottom half of the list, but at least it gives you an idea of what cars to avoid until the brands sort out the problems… unless you own one of the cars on the list. In that case, I hope it’s a lease(?).

1: Volvo

Most Unreliable Car: S90

2: Cadillac

Most Unreliable Car: ATS

3: Tesla

Most Unreliable Car: Model X

4: Dodge Ram

Most Unreliable Car: 3500

5: GMC

Most Unreliable Car: Sierra 2500 HD
The Most Reliable Cars of 2018

Consumer Reports recently did a survey including over 500,000 vehicles for its Annual Auto Survey these are the most reliable car manufacturers and their most reliable cars. Read the Story

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