Power Delivery

This Is the Ultra-Thin Charger Your MacBook Air Needs

December 5, 2018 Tech By

This year has brought about smaller USB-C wall chargers that support Power Delivery (PD). Basically, they’re wall chargers that are powerful enough to charge your laptop but are much less bulky than the stock one that comes with your MacBook Pro. Up to this point, the most noteworthy of these portable-and-powerful chargers was Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 1 ($30), an affordable 27-watt wall charger that is roughly the same size as the 5-watt puck that comes with all iPhones.

Now RavPower is getting in on the action with its own USB-C PD Charger. At 45-watts, it’s significantly more powerful than Anker’s model. It’s also thinner, only protruding about 1/2-inch when plugged into the wall. Like the Anker before it, RavPower’s newest wall charger uses gallium nitride technology, as opposed to silicon, which enables it to be so powerful and small. The 45-watt USB-C PD Charger costs $55 – a little more expensive than Anker’s alternative, but it’ll charge your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Nintendo Switch much faster.


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