Cambridge Audio Alva TT Turntable

This Turntable Is a Modern Audiophile’s Dream

January 9, 2019 Tech By

Separating hi-fi aficionados from their favorite cables is proving a slow process since wireless audio has so far not quite matched the quality of actual physical links between components. But Cambridge Audio just dropped a solution for retro-modern enthusiasts at CES: a wireless aptX HD audio turntable. The just-announced Alva TT is the world’s first vinyl player with that distinction, meaning it can stream high-resolution 24-bit/48kHz sound wirelessly to amps, speakers and headphones.

Cambridge Audio claims this is indistinguishable from wired high-res audio, as long as the receiving devices are also equipped with aptX HD capabilities. The practical benefit is that you can place the turntable anywhere within Bluetooth range of the receiving devices, opening up room options and allowing for a cleaner appearance. The turntable uses a direct drive motor and a body milled from aluminum to cut vibrations. A key piece of the magic, however, is the moving-coil cartridge and low-friction tonearm. The cartridge generates improved response time and detail over conventional magnetic cartridges, further helping boost the wireless quality to wired expectation-levels.

The Alva TT will ship in April for $1,700. It’s available for pre-order now.

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