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Casper’s New $89 Night Light Is Very Smart Indeed

January 29, 2019 Home By

It’s been nearly five years since Casper started shipping its now-famous mattresses all over the country but the bedding-turned-wellness company finally has a smart gadget. It’s called the Glow, and it’s a very fancy night light with a bunch of neat features — the smartest being its ability to sync with your sleep schedule via an app. Like other sleep-aid lights, such as those from Philips, the Glow dims as you doze off; it also lights up in the morning, serving as a gentle alarm clock that won’t jolt you out of bed.

Perhaps the Glow’s biggest calling card, however, is its functionality beyond the nightstand. The light is battery powered and equipped with motion sensors, meaning you can remove it from a charging base and use it as a flashlight to find your way around a dark house. Casper says the battery will last for days on a single charge, so you could very well use one as a secondary light source in place of candles or a lamp. Available now, the Glow costs $89 or $169 for a pair.

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