Eagle Very, Very, Very Rare

One of the World’s Best Bourbon Whiskeys Just Got the Unicorn Treatment

February 7, 2019 Briefings By
Brand: Eagle Rare
Upshot: A more luxurious version of Eagle Rare’s well-awarded bourbon
Price: $1,999 SRP
Release Date: Winter 2019
Availability: 299 Bottles
Proof: 90
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, toasted oak, caramel

Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Eagle Rare bourbon whiskey is one of the most praised bourbons of all time — go to the awards section on Buffalo Trace’s site and click “view all” to get the full picture. What could be more impressive is keeping its trademark 10-year-old age statement, a retail price below $50 and fairly widespread availability over this many years. The new Double Eagle Very Rare is none of these things.

Housed in a handmade bottle with glass eagles perched both on the bottle stopper and submerged in whiskey inside the bottle, the very literally named bottle is filled with 20-year-old brown and retains its classic 90 proof. For those unfamiliar with Eagle Rare, its made with Buffalo Trace’s #1 mashbill, which contains less rye than your typical bourbon and results in a sweet and smooth drinking experience.

The Double Eagle Very Rare is the most limited version of Eagle Rare yet — followed closely by the Eagle Rare 17-year-old bottle that’s a part of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Antique Collection. The first release of the new expression is limited to 299 bottles and will retail for $1,999.

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