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This New Multicooker One-Ups the Instant Pot with a Welcome Feature

February 22, 2019 Home By
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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Gourmia just unveiled a new multicooker — the same everything-in-one cookware category as the Instant Pot. It is not the first cookware company to create a new product with hopes of dethroning the mighty Instant Pot, and it won’t be the last, but the CoolCooker has at least one edge over its Instant Pot overlords: a built-in refrigerator.

You can place whatever veggies, meat, rice, beans and so on in the CoolCooker and, if you so choose, have it keep everything nice and cold until you want to start cooking. Controllable via Gourmia’s app, this feature is mostly a boon to the slow cooking function; particularly those dishes that can easily overcook with a whole day’s worth of heat — beans, rice, noodles and some less hardy vegetables. Plus, because you can control everything through the app, delaying (or speeding up) cook time on account of traffic or changed plans isn’t an issue.

Beyond the app and built-in fridge tech, Gourmia’s new multicooker does everything else you expect of it — pressure cook, sauté, bake, roast, steam, sous vide, stew and so on.

The CoolCooker will be available at retailers nationwide later this year. Gourmia hasn’t yet announced pricing information.

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