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Lodge Just Released a Better Version of Its Affordable Cast-Iron Skillet

March 17, 2019 Home By

Unveiled at the International Home and Housewares Show, Lodge’s new collection of cast iron touts incremental upgrades to cookware that’s gone unchanged for decades.

The Chef Collection Skillet is lighter and more ergonomic. Lodge shaved 15 percent off the weight of equivalent skillets from its main line — a change that sheds about half a pound from the 10-inch pans and more than a pound from the 12-inch ones. This, combined with elongated handles that taper more naturally with the shape of a hand and new gently sloping side walls, makes for a much more maneuverable skillet.

Beyond the 10- and 12-inch skillets, the Chef Collection consists of a “stir fry skillet” (which is basically a wok), a griddle and a grill pan. It’s available through Lodge and Sur La Table.

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