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Sonos and Ikea Just Announced a Table Lamp that Looks Fantastic

April 8, 2019 Tech By

Sonos and Ikea just announced the Symfonisk table lamp ($179), which is one part lamp and one part Sonos-powered speaker. It’ll work just like a Sonos speaker, meaning you can stream music directly to it or pair it with your existing Sonos speakers, and it’ll also function as a traditional table lamp; there’s a knob on the side of the speaker to manually turn the speaker on and adjust brightness.

The Symfonisk table lamp joins just-announced bookshelf speaker ($100) in the two companies’ Symfonisk line. It shares a similar aesthetic to the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker, which just won a 2019 RED Dot award for its product design.

There isn’t much competition in the “sonic lamps” category — the GE Sol Smart Light ($50+) being one of the only alternatives that come to mind. That said, this new creation by Sonos and Ikea definitely wins in the looks department; the gray model, in particular, looks fantastic.

An important differentiation to make is that unlike the GE Sol, the Symfonisk table lamp isn’t a smart light you can control with your voice. As of writing, we don’t think it’s compatible with any smart assistants. In addition to manually adjusting the light, its brightness can also be controlled using the Tradfri app.

When it comes out in August, the Symfonisk table lamp will cost $179 — slightly less expensive than Sonos’s One smart speaker ($199) and slightly more than its entry-level Play:1 speaker ($149). Both Symfonisk speakers — the table lamp and bookshelf speaker — will support Sonos’s special speaker tuning technology, TruePlay, and you’ll be able to use them as normal Play:1s.

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