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5 of the Best CBD Products for Athletes, According to the Experts

May 29, 2019 Gear Patrol > Health & Fitness By

Cannabidiol, or CBD, can be found in just about everything as of late. It is most notably known for properties that can reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety. Attributes like these make it an astute addition to sports recovery supplements and products. And CBD can, in theory, enhance performance by improving your ability to train — pain relief and improved rest and recovery means better training.

With so many CBD products on the market, it’s always a good idea to lean on the experts. In the case of CBD recovery products, that’s The Feed. The Feed was founded and is run by athletes (including the president of a highly-successful Tour de France team, a pro runner for Nike who runs a 3:56 mile and Lindsey Vonn’s personal coach) and they test every single product before selling it. Having curated over 100 top CBD brands, The Feed has an offering of just about anything you could want to aid recovery. Here are five of our favorites from The Feed’s vast CBD selection.

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Floyd’s Arnica + CBD Balm

Floyd’s of Leadville makes some of the best CBD products available. This balm, which combines the healing properties of both Arnica and CBD, is perfect to combat some of the minor aches and pains associated with rigorous training. It can be applied to the skin for pain and swelling from bruises, aches and sprains and is available in both cooling and warming versions.

VitalFit In the Clear CBD

VitalFit is already well-known for its Tart Cherry extract, highly trusted to reduce inflammation. So naturally, VitalFit’s standards for anti-inflammatory products are higher than most. Its In The Clear 600mg CBD tincture offers a modest dosage and tasty flavor, perfect for first-time CBD users.

Luce Farm Hemp-Infused CBD Honey

Luce Farms grows its hemp and makes its honey all on the same farm in Vermont. Doing everything in small batches ensures the highest-quality products possible. Each teaspoon of honey contains 10mg of CBD so this CBD-Infused Honey is an easy way to add CBD to nighttime tea for better sleep, for example. It’s also tasty enough to eat right off the spoon for any time use as well.

Cordial Organics Restore Stick

A portable wellness product can be key for those moments on the go when you want to relief from aches and pains. A roll-on restoration stick is a simple item that can quickly do wonders anywhere anytime. The Cordial Organics Restore Stick contains 200mg of CBD and gets right where you need it to soothe and relax sore muscles. It can even help a stiff neck from working at the computer for too long.

Plant People Stay Sharp CBD Capsules

A daily CBD capsule is a smart routine to gain consistent benefits. Plant People’s Stay Sharp CBD Capsules includes the addition of L-Theanine, bacopa monnierri and ginkgo biloba for help staying focused. This powerful blend of herbs and CBD can deliver results when taking one-to-three capsules per day.

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