All Hail the Firewheel

This New Grill Solves One of Gas Grilling’s Biggest Problems

May 31, 2019 Home By

Gas grills’ greatest strength — the ability to immediately dial back or ramp up heat output — comes at a cost. Unlike some charcoal and wood fire grills, the heat source on a gas grill can’t be moved closer to (or further away from) food. The Ferno Grill fixes this.

Ferno uses a patented “FireWheel” that lifts and lowers the gas burners under the grates. This lets a griller avoid serious flareups and add a new array of cooking options. Foods that you want a heavy sear on but need more time to cook (such as chicken) can meet the grill with the burners pulled close to the cast-iron grates, then dropped deeper in the grill body to finish the meat without over-cooking the exterior. Start the burners low and cook steak until it’s just under the desired temperature, then raise them right under the meat on full-blast to char (this is a grill version of the popular reverse sear method).

Beyond the FireWheel, Ferno features a heavy 304-grade stainless steel body, rust-proof aluminum component parts and nearly 50 pounds of cast-iron grates. At $4,800, the grill’s nice mix of quality materials and innovation isn’t cheap, especially for a three-burner grill (Ferno says its grill space accommodates up to 25 burgers). It’s available now through Ferno’s site.

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