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The Best AirPower Alternatives You Can Buy Right Now

June 13, 2019 Tech By

Apple officially canceled its wireless charging mat, AirPower, earlier this year. It was a blow for a lot of people (and their gadgets) because it promised to do something that no other wireless charger was able to do: charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (2nd-generation), simultaneously, without each device needing to be meticulously placed on a specific spot on the charging mat. Apple pulled the plug after nearly two years of setbacks because AirPower didn’t meet its “high standards,” which TechCrunch originally reported back in March.

The TLDR version of why AirPower failed: It had a battery-and-power issue and Apple couldn’t control it. For the full long-read version, check out iFixIt‘s article. The bottom line is that the people who had been waiting for Apple’s wireless charging pad have needed to have a rethink. The good news is that there are other wireless chargers out that can almost do as much as AirPower promised. Almost.

SliceCharge 2 Wireless Charging Mat by Hard Cider Labs $60
This 30-watt wireless charging mat can simultaneously charge two smartphones and an Apple Watch. It’s available in all white (like the AirPower) or blue.

Base Station by Nomad $100
The leather charging pad can wirelessly charge two devices. It also has USB-A and one USB-C PD ports, so it can charge a total of four devices.

Boost Up Charging Dock by Belkin $160
This charging mat has dedicated spots for your smartphone and Apple Watch, plus a 5-watt USB-A port to charge something else.

Base Station Apple Watch Edition by Nomad $120
It’s rare to find a wireless charging pad that can also charge your Apple Watch. This does just that.

Source by Spansive $189
This vertical charger is really designed for families, as it can charge up to 6 smartphones at a time (two wired, four wirelessly). It’s also able to charge smartphones with rugged cases or PopSockets.

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