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This Impossibly Small Canister Stove Is the Sleekest We’ve Seen

Key Specs:
Brand: Primus
Model: Firestick
Price: $90 (steel); $120 (titanium)
Availability: Spring 2020
Unique Features: Measures just over 4 inches in length and weighs less than 4 ounces.

Upshot: Primus introduces an incredibly travel-friendly canister stove that’s ultralight and barely bigger than a roll of quarters when condensed for stashing in your pack.

Who It’s For: Any camper or thru-hiker looking to shed weight but still prep a hot meal on the trail.

Insight: At just over 4 inches long and weighing well under 4 ounces, the Primus Firestick is the sleekest canister stove we’ve seen. Much like a light saber, it’s barely noticeable when retracted, yet ferociously awesome when unleashed. The Firestick features a recessed burner to guard the flame, recessed air intake holes for maximum fuel efficiency and wide pot supports for optimal wind protection. And don’t let its sexy looks fool you — in action, the Firestick pumps out 8,530 BTUs. There are two versions: steel and titanium, which is more expensive but also lighter and just a bit cooler looking. Either option makes for an excellent upgrade to any hungry outdoorsman’s food prep kit.

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