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DJI’s Ronin-SC Might Be the Perfect Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras

July 17, 2019 Tech By

When DJI released the Ronin-S, its first gimbal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras that can be operated with one hand, in 2018, it was a huge hit for professional and amateur photographers alike, especially those that were shooting short films or taking wedding photos. Today, DJI has announced a newer version of this handheld gimbal, Ronin-SC, which is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras.

The DJI Ronin-SC is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Ronin-S, and it has some significantly cooler features, too. It’s available today, starting at $439.

Aside from the differences in size and weight, and the fact that it’s specifically designed for mirrorless cameras, the biggest upgrade with the DJI Ronin-SC is that it supports Bluetooth 5.0; this is important because it enables two new features on the new handheld gimbal: subject tracking and Force Mobile.

Subject tracking is pretty self-explanatory. Using your smartphone with the Ronin-SC, along with DJI Ronin app, you can select a subject and have the camera follow a subject and keep them in the frame. DJI’s drones and handheld cameras, like the Osmo Pocket, have a similar ability.

Force Mobile is a mode that lets the user remotely control the gimbal; they can be up to 82 feet away and, by just holding their smartphone, they can control the gimbal. When you rotate your smartphone, the gimbal will also rotate. When you shake the smartphone, so will the gimbal. Force Mobile is a similar feature to Force Pro, which is available on DJI’s more advanced gimbals, like the Ronin 2.


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