The New Toyota Supra Can Make 420 HP With a Cheap Software Upgrade

August 6, 2019 Cars By
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The fourth-generation Toyota Supra was famous for its potential as a tuner car. BMW engines are known for tolerating a lot of power. So it’s no surprise that tuners have been all over the newly relaunched fifth-generation BMW-engined Supra, in an effort to push its 3.0-liter inline-six well past the factory-listed 335 horsepower.

As it turns out, that may not require significantly altering the hardware. According to Pistonheads, U.K.-based tuner Litchfield performed an ECU remap that pushes the stock Supra to 420 hp. That would be an 85 hp upgrade over Toyota’s figures — which, admittedly, may be understating the Supra’s true power. Litchfield is also developing some modest upgrades, such as a titanium exhaust, to achieve a total of around 450 hp.

When Litchfield will be able to perform these modifications for the public is unclear. No cost has been given for the Supra-specific tweak, but for reference,m a Litchfield ECU tuning on a BMW M2 Competition starts at a little more than $700. It’s conceivable that, all told, you could add 100-plus hp to a Supra with the ECU tune and the exhaust for less than what Toyota will charge to paint the 86 an admittedly alluring shade of green.

Consider the ECU tune a mere baseline for what Supra enthusiasts will achieve. Expect some truly bonkers numbers when tuners begin modifying the engine componentry itself.

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