The Jeep Wrangler Has a Secret Discount, But There’s a Catch

August 21, 2019 Cars By
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Jeep rarely offers cash incentives to buy a Wrangler. There’s never a need, since it usually sells so well. But today’s your lucky day: Right now, Jeep is offering a secret, unadvertised $1,000 dealer cash incentive on the Wrangler through Labor Day. Is now the time to buy? Potentially. There’s a catch.

The incentive, it turns out, is only on Wranglers that have the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with the eTorque mild hybrid system. It wipes out the $1,000 premium buyers would pay for that more efficient engine over the standard-issue naturally-aspirated V6.

But here’s the aforementioned catch: The turbo engine only comes with an eight-speed automatic, which adds an additional $2,000 to the pricetag.

If you’re thinking about buying a Wrangler with an automatic, this is a good deal. It eliminates one of the big primary reason to stick with the V6. But if you’re one of the ever-decreasing number of people looking to stick with a stick, it’s still cheaper to forego the incentive, buy the V6 and row your own gears.

One other caveat: The $1,000 also a dealer cash incentive, not a manufacturer incentive. In other words, there’s no obligation for dealers to pass that incentive on to customers; a dealer having no trouble selling Wranglers may well pocket the cash. So, you might have to hop around looking for a dealer looking to move some inventory in order to make the most of this bargain.

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