Whiskey x Coffee

These Coffee Mugs Borrow Design Cues from a Famous Whiskey Glass

August 22, 2019 Home By

According to the newly crowdfunded coffee cup makers at Avensi, if you’re into drinking high-end specialty coffee, you shouldn’t be drinking out of a regular coffee mug.

Traditional coffee mugs don’t retain heat well and don’t enhance aromatics or taste in any way, the brand says. Its solution, devised with the help of more than 90 coffee professionals, is a set of differently shaped glasses aimed at accentuating flavors of specific coffees. According to Daily Coffee News, Vida highlights more chocolatey coffees, Alto highlights acid-forward coffees and Senti highlights earthy and nutty coffees.

And as it turns out, the optimal vehicle for tasting coffee shares a lot with the Glencairn glass, one of the most famous whiskey glass in the world. Like the classic whiskey snifter, it’s thin-lipped and shaped like a tulip (a wide bowl that narrows at the top). The design was originally intended to allow for space to swirl while flushing aromatics into a more focused column. It serves a similar purpose with the Avensi glasses.

Sets start at $45 and begin shipping in February of 2020.

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