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These Dieter Rams-Designed Speakers Are High-End Alternatives to Sonos

September 9, 2019 Tech By

Braun hasn’t been in the speaker-making business for nearly 30 years, but that’s changing. The company just announced that it would be releasing three new speakers as part of its updated line of Dieter Rams-designed LE speakers.

The three new speakers – named LE01 ($1,199), LE02 ($799) and LE03 ($379), in order from largest to smallest – are designed to be bespoke and minimal, as was true with the original LE speakers, but the new models come with the built-in conveniences of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with support for AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Chromecast, so you’ll be able to stream to them however you want – you can think of the new Braun LE speakers as high-end competitors to Sonos. You’ll be able to designate the same-modeled speakers in stereo pairs, as well as group them all in a multi-room sound system. With built-in Google Assistant, each LE speaker is capable of listening to voice commands and controlling other smart home devices.

It should be noted that it’s not the same Braun that released the LE speakers several decades ago. These days, Pure Audio has the rights to Braun Audio and is responsible for spearheading the comeback. The Braun LE speakers will be available in either black or white models, just like most Sonos speakers, and they’ll be available for purchase this October.

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